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This Is How I Would Choose The Most Comfortable Chair For Summer

Do you have a particular ‘chair’ that you get comfortable in when you come home from work? Just like you need that type of chair indoors, you need one outdoors as well, especially on those hot summer days. Plastic lawn chairs are fine for certain occasions. I have them on my balcony, but there are so many other comfortable chairs to choose from. I have been wanting to replace the chairs on my balcony for some time now.
balcony chair
However, the HOA association says that the chairs on the balconies have to be plastic white ones. While it’s a rule, I’ve broken others, like keeping my bike on the balcony and beautifying the balcony with a nice plant. I’ve learned over the last four years that other owners are making changes, too. It’s pretty lax, so now I’m thinking about getting those chairs switched out. One of them is getting kind of flimsy anyway, like it’s about to break. Plastic chairs are sturdy, but this one is old.

Plastic chairs are sturdy, but they’re definitely not comfortable. I want a larger chair with a cushion. If I can fit two of them, I will. However, I at least want to get a comfortable chair for the balcony. I have an office chair for inside, although I want a recliner, too.  There is a great Alera brand mesh mid back chair people highly recommend, you can check reviews at:
balcony green Chair with comfortable cushion
It doesn’t get as hot here as it does in Texas where I was living before, but it does get into the 90’s during the summertime in South Carolina. I love to sit on the balcony, and my dog likes to sit with me on a blanket. He’ll have to make due when I finally get a cushioned chair. If you want a recommendation, I would be looking at the over-sized patio furniture chairs, even lounge chairs, and whatever chair you choose needs overstuffed cushions.